1. My second job ends in a week and uhhhh I’ve been drawing and I’m going to try to be on here a lot more soon so I’m really really sorry everyone ??

  2. I’m astounded I still have followers kisses to everyone sticking around ~*~chu~*~

  3. xenster:

    Izzy is getting excited about Pokemon X & Y

    That’s my cat and roommate yes we are all excited

  4. Here is the ink version idk I kinda like it better

  5. wowwwwwowow too much netflix


  6. Anonymous said: How do you watercolor? Can you make a lapse video of you painting with watercolor? :)

    Ahhh I don’t know if I have the equipment to make a good video?? Watercoloring is a slow process for me, I mix a lot of pools of colors together and then let them dry so I can get good/interesting edges if that makes sense??? Maybe I should make a video after all

  7. okay its out of my system now, I did it

    these kids, man 

  9. Found outside my workplace, they often fall from their nests in this alley.

  10. usedbandaid:

    Its time for a competition! To celebrate my new comic “Woman King” receiving over 10’000 hits in the first week of release! 

    New Readers to Woman King can start by clicking here!

    Prize option one: An A4 giclée print of my woman king illustration. 

    Prize option two: An A2 poster of my woman king Illustration. 

    How it works. This competition will be running on Facebook and Tumblr (you can enter in both if you  wish). All you need to do in order to enter is reblog/share this post and a winner will be chosen at random from the reblogs and shares. The random winner from the network that gets the most shares or reblogs will get first choice out of the two prizes.   

  11. slightly-bovverd:



    Awesome icons of the Female Saints of Television, by Spencer Salberg. Prints are available here.

    “Our Lady of Having it All”

    >no Sam Carter

    I’m so disappoint

    (via pewpewcomics)

  12. kimyadawson:

    Aesop Rock and I made this record and it means so much to me it’s crazy. It doesn’t come out until May 7th but you can stream the whole thing right now HERE.

    Massive love to you all. 

    So close ahhh I’ve been waiting so long for this album!

  13. I was feeling like I needed a new fb picture and so this happened?

  14. sketchy that I colored to get back into the swing of things 


  15. so this is about the time I should really be apologizing to / thanking everybody that still follows me and also this is about the time I should start doing that thing where I try to draw for a living