1. Every time I see Eva art on my dash for a split second i think it’s hunter x hunter art and IT NEVER IS

  2. the first-years tho

  3. morningtime scribbles I made earlier before I took my cat to the vet ~ 

  4. Phone calls before the suns up woah popular guy

  5. So I watched bike club anime because I’m trash annnnd spent today drawing this, referenced from a photo that I took on vacation in Taiwan.

  6. It was reallllly great to use my tablet again after a while -!- most anticipated this season: SAO 2 and Tokyo Ghooouuul 

  7. and then I drew some kids that ended up being some shingekis oh nooOoOooo „, modernish Annie, Mikasa and Jean :0

  8. tiny paintings in my tiny book

  9. some warrior girls and creature girls 

  10. I’ve been drawing mostly traditionally because I feel like my tablet and laptop are really old :< saving up for new equipment…! 

  11. I got some great brush pens while I was on vacation so here’s a spunky powder puff gang—

  12. Hello hi I’m back and not dead here are some sketches from late summer


  13. My second job ends in a week and uhhhh I’ve been drawing and I’m going to try to be on here a lot more soon so I’m really really sorry everyone ??

  14. I’m astounded I still have followers kisses to everyone sticking around ~*~chu~*~

  15. xenster:

    Izzy is getting excited about Pokemon X & Y

    That’s my cat and roommate yes we are all excited